Board of Overseers

Board of Overseers

  • Jeremiah Rice, Pastor
  • Tami Freed
  • Isaiah Godding
  • John Ness


  • Adheres to the Statement of Faith
  • Actively promotes the mission of WE
  • Willing and able to govern and not manage
  • Understands, accepts and supports WE priorities
  • Willing to defend the pastor’s authority and integrity
  • Willing to serve the community first, then the congregation
  • Willing to work with the defined scheduling tools
  • Willing to insist on fruitfulness and reward it well
  • Willing to govern as a servant rather than a lord  


  • Establish agreed upon goals with the lead pastor for measuring outcomes of next ministry season
  • Define success measures and boundaries
  • Audit annual goals, success measures and boundaries as pastoral performance
  • Provide encouragement and accountability to the lead pastor
  • Support and defend the staff
  • Propose the Annual Budget for approval
  • Promote membership and manage membership processes
  • Facilitate an annual audit and biennial review of Constitution and By-Laws
  • Meets together at least quarterly